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Smooth sailing
Finding it hard consume 5 to 10 servings of fruits and veggies a day? You’re not alone! Use this universal smoothie recipe as a meal replacement or easy snack.
• 1-2 handfuls of leafy greens.
• Spinach is a great nutritional addition that doesn’t compromise flavor.
• Other options are kale, lettuce, endives or celery.cs-scoop6

• 1 cup fruit.
• Try berries, mangoes, plums or pineapple to sweeten things up.

• ¼ cup binding agent. This could be a banana, nut butter or yogurt. • Even avocados work great.

• 1-2 cups liquid. Play around with fresh juices, milk or water (flat or sparkling).

Extras: Add cinnamon, lemon, nutmeg, ginger or any spice you like to keep it flavourful without sacrificing nutrition.

cs-scoop5Know the warning signs
Age, high blood pressure, family history, weight, and alcohol consumption are risk factors for stroke. If you or someone you’re with experiences any of the symptoms below, it could be a stroke. Weakness, trouble speaking, confusion, vision problems, headache, sudden severe unusual pain and dizziness. Reduce your risk; control your blood pressure, diet and be smoke free.
Source: heartandstroke.cacs-scoop4

Coffee…good and bad
Although the cup of coffee may have become a part of your morning routine, consider how much you’re drinking. While beneficial compounds such as magnesium potassium, niacin and antioxidants compounds are good for your health, too much caffeine may lead to insomnia, nervousness, heart palpitations and a rise in blood pressure.
Source: Harvard Medical School

cs-scoop3Healthy balls
A gentle alternative to ‘bad for your skin’ chemical dryer sheets and fabric softener, these 100% natural wool dryer balls toss and tumble clothing to wrinkle-free softness and cut drying time by up to 30%.
Source: The Forever Group

Dr. Oz Says…
Break your multivitamin in half. To get a steady supply of vitamins and minerals all day, take one-half with breakfast and the other with dinner.

Stand up straight!
Good posture means: chin parallel to the floor, shoulders even (roll your shoulders up, back, and down to help achieve this), neutral spine (no flexing or arching to overemphasize the curve in your lower back), arms at your sides with elbows straight and even, abdominal muscles braced, hips even, knees even and pointing straight ahead and body weight distributed evenly on both feet.
Source: Harvard Medical School

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