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Tips For staying Well Organized

To be effective while juggling multiple responsibilities it helps to keep your home spick and span. Try these tips.

1) Put things away as you finish using them. By returning things in the right place all the time, you won’t have to pick up later.

2) Music is motivating, so choose a couple of favourite songs and get moving to the groove. The tunes should give you a burst of energy, helping you feel better about cleaning up.

3) Unclutter regularly to avoid stuff you aren’t using overflowing  from cupboards or being left all over the place.

4) Use to do lists to prioritize and help you to feel good when you’ve checked a task off as completed.

5) Label things so they can be put away and found easily. Create different zones so that you start to keep related things together.

6) Make a rule that an item only stays out if you use it every day.

7) Use up or give away consumable items that have been hanging around before you purchase new ones.

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