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How happy is your home?

Every home is unique. It has life, characteristics and its own personality. Home is where we wake up every morning and go to sleep every night. Putting down roots and being able to feel safe and secure in our home gives us a foundation upon which to build. When we feel connected and comfortable, research tells us, that we feel more upbeat and it’s easier for us to say yes to new adventures.

Where we live and how likeable our neighbourhood is certainly plays a role in our participation in day-to-day life. Having a home that we feel comfortable in and proud of helps us nurture ourselves, socialize with neighbours and spend time with friends.

Our homes reflect what we love. They showcase our lifestyles, embrace our everyday habits and hobbies, help us fulfill our dreams and contribute to positive personal relationships.

Each time we head out into the world, full of courage and hope, there’s comfort in the fact that we have a friendly place to come home to after a busy day. A healthy home also affects our ability to heal and provides a sense of well-being.

Yet, as our life stories play out and our circumstances change, it’s sometimes necessary to figure out the balance between holding on and letting go to the place we’re used to calling home. There could come a time when well-meaning family members and care providers feel the urge to zoom in and to make decisions for us. They’ll worry about our safety, re-purpose spaces and/ or, heaven forbid, clear things out.

Sleepless nights may occur when you come to the sudden realization that you can no longer afford your space, or cope with its upkeep. Or maybe it’s as simple having an “aha” moment that suggests you’re no longer enjoying where you live and it’s time to switch things up.

Fear not. Everyone adjusts to big life changes differently, so if you don’t feel comfortable straight away, don’t worry, you’ll feel more settled in no time. Just take life one-step at a time. Put yourself out there and give whatever needs to happen a chance. And, whether the solution is some small inexpensive modifications or a move to somewhere new, remember to personalize your space, hang onto your favourites and pick up a few nice new things everyone once a while to cheer you up.

Home is, after all, not just where you live, it’s where they understand you.

Caroline Tapp-McDougall

Editor in Chief

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