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Simple communication

Accessibility needs differ, so if you’re having difficulty start with:
• Speaking clearly and directly to the person.
• Listening and watching for body language or tools they use.
• Not underestimating someone’s abilities.
• Being patient and asking them to show you.
• Asking what and how to do something.
• Using “yes” and “no” questions to confirm your understanding.
• Asking them to repeat if you don’t understand.
• Using the service of a trained communication assistant.

Taking care of business

Pre-planning—and prepaying—for your funeral spells relief for loved ones. You may not be able to shield your children from the emotionally difficult parts of a passing, but helping not to worry about money and making sure your wishes are respected at the same time is a great gift. Remember, in the days immediately following your death, your assets may be unavailable and life insurance can take six to eight weeks to pay. Without a prepaid plan in place, others are expected to cover expenses before funeral services can occur.

5 ways to prevent food illness

With older adults having a higher risk of hospitalization and death if they get food poisoning, it’s best to:
• Clean cooking environments. Wash hands and surfaces with antibacterial soap. After handling raw meat wash utensils and hands again.
• Check expiration dates. Food is not okay if the date is passed unless it has been frozen.
• Defrost poultry in the refrigerator or microwave. Don’t wash it.
• Cook food thoroughly. Use a digital food thermometer for accurate readings.
• Store raw meat away from vegetables to avoid cross-contamination.

Here come the Nanobots

Tiny, living, self-healing robots in your bloodstream could be the next frontier in medicine with diagnostics, medicine delivery and organ repair and surgery happening from the inside. One group of researchers is working with stem cells from frogs to create new life forms that can walk, swim, survive for weeks without food and are small enough to travel inside human bodies.
Source: U of Vermont

Worth a smile?

Australian researchers found smiling—even a fake one—can have a positive impact on mood. Essentially, triggering certain facial muscles by smiling can “trick” your brain into thinking you’re happy.
Source: U of South Australia

Fat wrecks focus

Saturated fats and the ability to focus don’t mix. Women at work did worse on tests five hours after eating foods like whole milk, cheese, or coconut oil.

Kidney facts

1) 50,000 plus Canadians are being treated for kidney failure.
2) Late referrals were found in over 25 percent of new end-stage kidney disease patients.
3) More than 50 percent of kidney function can be lost before symptoms appear.
4) Of people on dialysis, only 11 percent are on the transplant waiting list.
5) Dialysis can take four to five hours three times a week and cost nearly 100,000 per patient annually.
6) Living donors made 28 percent of kidney transplants possible.

Watch for red flags

There’s no blood test for caregiver burnout. It shows up as fatigue, depression, apathy, exhaustion, irritability, alcohol abuse, or any number of other symptoms. Common things to watch for:
A) Your sleep is suffering. You wake up a lot or can’t fall asleep.
B) You are sad, angry, or unusually impatient.
C) You’re smoking or drinking more.
D) You feel unwell and have little time for rest.
Helpful self-care solutions include: finding a support group, getting out for a walk once a day, finding a creative outlet, stopping for personal time outs and listening to uplifting music while you go about your day!

Plant a tree

In a fitting green tribute, a plant-a-tree gift helps to reforest or afforest areas of the country in need. Donors can select a single tree or a grove with conservation groups agreeing to plant and personalize the present.

Shower nasties

Small, damp holes in the showerhead are often forgotten. To avoid breathing in bacteria during your shower, try to:
• Remove and clean the head with boiling water.
• Run hot water for a minute before starting your daily shower.
• Drain the water when you’re finished.

Almonds, cashews, pistachios

Nuts are healthy additions to most diets with their mix of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and fibre. Avoid nuts packaged or roasted in oil; instead, eat them raw or dry roasted as high temperatures can destroy their nutrients.

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