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Ready to sell?

There are some smart things to do that real estate agents may also recommend:
• Curb appeal: Time to take care of the shabby lawn and cracked walkway. Shake off the sawdust and swap out your tool belt for some gardening tools.
• Goodbye bold: Real estate agents would rather dip their paintbrushes into neutrals than loud colours and lively prints.
• Overboard landscaping: Elaborate decorations or high maintenance gardens may overwhelm potential homebuyers.
• More bedrooms: You may not need the extra bedroom, but future buyers may, especially if your house is in a family neighbourhood.


Gardening meets exercise

Expert gardener Madeline Hooper and fitness trainer Jeff Hughes are hosting the new series called GardenFit. With visits to gardeners and farmers to share techniques to help ward off aches and pains, each episode includes a four-week follow up to see how the tips worked and celebrate what’s new in the garden.


Flying with a tennis ball

Sitting for an extended amount of time wreaks havoc on a long-haul flight. Try getting up, walking around, and stretching to stay more comfortable. Taking a tennis ball or a massager on the plane will help increase circulation. Roll it over your shoulders, lower back, legs, and the bottoms of your feet to help get your blood flowing again. Starting with the ankles and moving up will help get the blood moving back towards your heart.


Mask up

While rules are changing, it might be wise to keep your mask on in:
• Hospitals, medical clinics, dentists.
• Public transportation, rideshares, planes and ferries
• Nursing homes and various other long-term care facilities.


Toxic trio

In places like nail salons, we are exposed to toxins such as toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate also known as the not-good-for-you “toxic trio.” They can cause dizziness, breathing difficulties and even organ failure. Avoid if possible or continue to wear your mask.

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