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Brain Health

A recent survey conducted by Baycrest found that despite aging being an inevitable part of life, Canadians are unsure about the appropriate resources to help them make informed decisions about brain health, and aging. Additional findings include:
Less than one in five people are confident in their knowledge about preventing dementia (23%).
• One in four Canadians aged 45+ don’t know when they should start taking steps to prevent dementia.
• Only 16% reported having a plan for aging in place.
• Almost half of Canadians anticipate needing clinical services to age in place (48%).

Your Daddy and the Doctor

Many men shun doctors’ visits for various reasons. One survey found that not only do some lie about going to the doctor, but others lie to their doctor about their health. Key findings:
• More than half of men don’t know how to self-screen for testicular cancer
• More young men should go to the doctor for annual visits. More than four in 10 men haven’t gone for an annual physical in one year
• Men think they are in better health than women do. 28 per cent of men grade their current health as excellent compared to 20 per cent of women.


Are You Financial Secure?

A survey of Canadian investors found that two-thirds remain confident to fund retirement financially secure, but a quarter say it’s going to take a miracle to do so. While 83 per cent recognize it is increasingly their responsibility to fund retirement, versus relying on pensions, nearly half say it would be difficult to make ends meet if public benefits are lower than expected.


Male Life Expectancy

Oxford University demographers have found that much of the Western world’s life expectancy has declined because of the pandemic. Researchers found that life spans shortened in 27 of 29 countries. The starkest change was among males, who lost 2.2 years compared to 2019. Let’s hope its just a blip!

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