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Benefits of online forums

For people living with dementia, research shows that online forums offer a much needed sense of community and hope. Three key areas were highlighted:
1) Journey sharing and adjusting
2) Supporting each other
3) Sharing creative activities.

Get help if you feel down

Depression in the workplace interferes with a person’s ability to complete physical tasks 20% of the time and reduces cognitive performance 35% of the time.

Winter skin tips

It’s easy to get dry, flaky skin during colder months. Here are a few tidbits of advice:

• Limit the length of showers and dial down the temperature.
• Apply a moisturizer immediately after washing while your skin is still damp.
• Avoid perfumes, deodorant soaps and other scented products.
• Drink plenty of water.
• Consider using a humidifier.

Knitting volunteers

Unfinished home hobbies such as the knitting of your late love ones are to be cherished and used in remembrance, or given as a donation to your community. The Loose Ends Project is there to help complete them. Heartwarming! 

Beware of gel manicures

A new study suggests that frequent use of UV lamps in nailpolish dryers could harm DNA as well as causing sun damage, aging and skin cancer. One suggestion for protection is to wear sunscreen containing iron oxide say the authors.

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