Color & Control:

Thumbs Up/Down

Thumbs up to…the Canadian Dental Care Plan. In 2024, there will be new laws coming into effect including new timelines for the dental insurance program. According to McGill’s, Elham Enami, Dean of Dental Medicine and oral Health Sciences.” The CDCP shows promise in addressing concerns about access to dental care in Canada. While it focuses on affordability, there are other dimensions of access, such as availability, accommodation, and acceptability. The plan aims to alleviate oral health disparities but needs further development to comprehensively address all dimensions, particularly for rural and remote populations.”

Thumbs up to Fortnight who marked indigenous people’s day. Fortnight created a game with a map of Indigenous lands. Players will face wild fires, conservation efforts, illegal logging and clean rivers. The project aims to turn Generation Z—our future leaders into environmental warriors. Release was set after a trial run with streamers and the Huni Kuî people of the Brazilian state of Acre. Now you can help to save the amazon rainforest from home and feel immersed in the struggle for indigenous lands!

Thumbs down to the Australian policeman who tasered and critically injured 95-year-old nursing home resident while he was wielding a steak knife. The officer has been accused of overreacting and suspended. The resident has since died.

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