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Tips for communicating while wearing a mask

Our COVID-19 masks can be uncomfortable and make things difficult for people with or without hearing loss. Don’t remove your mask out of frustration. Try to keep communication open and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings by using these tips.

  1. Make sure you have the person’s full attention before speaking.
  2. Speak clearly and don’t mumble.
  3. Talk a little louder and not too quickly.
  4. Face the person you are talking to while social distancing if possible.
  5. Use your hands and body language to help make your point.
  6. Move to a quiet place if you can where background noise won’t interfere.
  7. Consider wearing a clear mask or one with a clear panel over the mouth.
  8. For those with hearing aids: secure them with a headband or wig tape or choose a mask with 4 strings not ear loops.


And remember, don’t share your mask, wash it regularly, and ensure that both your nose and mouth are fully covered.

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