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Tips for keeping your home allergen-free

It’s impossible to keep your home completely free of allergens, bacteria and viruses, but a few simple changes can make a significant difference. Check out the following tips to make your family’s home healthier.

Sponges: Get in the habit of squeezing water out of it between uses and sanitizing it regularly. Replace sponges regularly and toss if they smell.

Vacuums: Opt for a vacuum that has a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) or S-class filter. These extra fine filters can trap up to 99.9% of particles, effectively reducing the pollutants in your home.

Pillows: Dust mites are the most common cause of non-seasonal allergies and asthma. Wash pillowcases weekly, use allergen-proof covers, and wash pillows in warm water every few months.

Doorknobs: Doorknobs are nasty places. Some claim a disinfectant must sit on a surface for at least four minutes and air dry to be effective.

TV remotes: Your remote has been dropped, coughed and sneezed on. A wipe-down with a cloth or cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol will make it a bit more sanitary.

Fragrances: Scents are added to everything these days, but remember that cleanliness is not tied to a specific smell. Be wary of cleaning products that aren’t “truly natural.”

Source: Mayo Clinic

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