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Rushing all the time

Any recommendations for helping my mum get ready for appointments. She’s always late and flustered?
Saskatoon, SASK.

Editor’s Note: While older adults may have fewer demands on their time, it can still be stressful when it comes to getting ready and getting out the door. Simple planning ahead ideas might be to: 1. Try not to overschedule.  2. Post a visible agenda for each day with highlighted activities.  3. Encourage laying out clothes and accessories ahead of time 4. Make a plan to keep a bag / purse packed by the door with keys/wallet/water and other key items like medicine ready to go. 

Ready to retire

Just as I was about to retire my husband got ill and I’m now faced with the prospect of becoming his caregiver. We can afford care for him. Is it wrong of me to change my mind about retiring?
Darvati Soni,
Brampton, ON.

Editor’s Note: It’s perfectly understandable. At the best of times, retirement is a major life transition and with 40 hours a week of extra time on your hands the prospect may be daunting- especially if caregiving is involved. Keep your own health in mind and make sure that you find enough time to make new friends and join activities that you’ll find fulfilling. Caregiving even with professional help can be tricky when you’re juggling work and household duties too. Be sure to take care of yourself as a priority.

Veterans funding

Is there an office for Veterans Affairs that I can visit to find out about my benefits. I’m not sure what I qualify for.
L. Sastry,
Banff, AB.

Editor’s Note: There most certainly is. The Veterans Independence Program provides annual tax-free funding for services such as grounds maintenance, housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care, and professional health and support services to qualifying applicants. This program does not replace other federal, provincial or municipal programs. For more information visit

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