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A new home or not?

My sister and I are the primary caregivers for my mother. Things are getting tough and we have been disagreeing about what would be best—a full-time care facility or having her stay within our home with nursing care. We don’t want to ruin our relationship. What’s the best approach?

Riley Wainfleet, Gander, NL.

Editor’s note: First… see what your mum wants if her happiness is a factor in your decision-making. We also suggest that you discuss finances, visit a few homes together and also meet with a professional agency or two for home care staffing. There are options.

Crisis and coping

Your publication had an article about coping during a caregiving crisis. The information in it was actually helpful. I’m someone who knows I have plan to help my parents in the near future because I’m currently assisting friends with their caregiving for their kids, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

Willia Sanders, Cobourg, ON.

Editor’s note: We are glad we could assist in your journey to being a caregiver with compassion, understanding, and proactive. (Hopefully without crisis events to cope with!!!)

Coffee time

I was wondering if your organization ever put on events for people to attend and learn more about accessibility and about the community. My community is awfully difficult in my chair.

Holder, Borden, SK.

Editor’s note: Thanks for your question. During the pandemic, we unfortunately had to put a pause on all of our in-person events, but luckily for us all, the social distance mandates have lifted! Keep your eyes open to our websites and publications for upcoming dates of in-person events coming eastern Ontario!


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