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On Standby South of Heaven

A true story of a son taking care of his dying father — a man he didn’t know very well, or even like — who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Through bankruptcy and breakups; drug abuse and depression; and numerous doctors, lawyers, police and social workers, this is a story of confronting death and family healing. Written with refreshing candor and grit, author Steven Koss gives us an inspiring read about personal struggle, journey and growth.

A Gradual Disappearance

Elizabeth Loneseth has dealt with four people who’ve had dementia in her life, both of her parents and her mother and father-in law. She manages to write both a guidebook and a memoir with practical advice and personal stories. The guide is told from the perspective of a professional family caregiver with experience and is specifically tailored to caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s. The chapters cover dealing with the initial diagnosis and coping with difficult behaviours. Lonseth’s stories are touching and relatable to anyone who has a family member suffering from dementia.

Planes, Canes and Automobiles

Sound advice, funny anecdotes and tales of triumph and travails from Valerie M. Grubb, who has travelled over 300,000 miles with her 84-year mom. As her mother becomes more physically and mentally frail, Grubb sets out to find ways for dealing with these changes, but only found comprehensive information about travelling with aging parents. This is a go-to guide for adult children with tips, checklists and sample itineraries to help you plan and enjoy a vacation with parents.

Mama Peaches and Me!

Mama Peaches and Me! is a comic relief for any kind of caregiver. Are you taking care of a family member, aging parent, spouse or just want a good laugh? This book has it all. It’s guaranteed to be great medicine for your heart by delivering wit, wisdom, and a whole lot of laughter. It also is said to be full of inspiration and empowerment to revive your spirit and critical survival tips every family care provider must know!

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