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I enjoyed reading “Who rescued who?” (Summer 2017) a little while ago. When a good friend of mine first arrived in Canada to live nearer her family, her dog Scruff moved with her. She admits her first year was a tough social adjustment, but having Scruff not only forced her to go out into the community, but also offered company while she was still finding her feet. You never see one without the other, and both are firm favourites at my friend’s assisted living complex.
Ian M., Peterborough, ON

Editor’s note: We’re glad you enjoyed the read. Animals can be a great comfort and source of positive social interactions. Your friend and her dog sound like a remarkable team.


Thank you for your piece on travelling with assistance (“Savvy travelling,” Fall 2017). My mother has never had many hobbies but she’s always loved to travel. When she had her hip replaced last Christmas we both thought she would have to give that up, and have been trying to find new interests for her ever since. With some accessible travel services in mind, however, we’re planning a holiday for the spring and looking forward to it!
Grace C., Moncton, NB

Editor’s note: That’s great news. Be sure to talk to an agent ahead of time about accessible accommodations and any necessary flight-boarding arrangements—and factor them into your travel plans. Enjoy the holiday!

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