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Lingerie goes adaptive at fashion week 

One of the biggest brands launched it first adaptive pieces at New York Fashion Week. Victoria’s Secret’s new lingerie includes bras and panties with magnetic closures for easier dressing and undressing. The collection has the Gamut Seal of Approval, meaning that the garments have met certain requirements established by disability experts.
Source: Disability Scoop

Constipation linked to cognitive decline 

After three studies with more than 100,000 participants, experts linked chronic constipation—three days or more without bowel movements—with cognitive decline. These finding suggest that preventing constipation before it becomes an issue is key. Solutions include prioritizing exercise, eating a balanced diet with fiber and lowered stress.
Source: Health

Concierges for Neurodiverse travellers 

Vacation time can present a plethora of challenges for families with children or adults who are living
with autism. Now, Karisma Hotels and Resorts have introduced a trained team that have completed a training program specifically to help families plan and execute their vacations in both Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
Source: Karismahotels

Grandchildren benefit from women’s exercise

Woman who exercise etch physical activity into their cells to be passed on  to their children and grandchildren. Exercise before and during pregnancy actually showed improved metabolic health in multiple generations with links to lower fat mass to decreased body-weight, glucose intolerance and increased bone density.
Source: Harvard

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