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‘Old’ ain’t what it used to be…

We’re more active, open minded and curious than generations before us and, if all goes well, healthier. We often hear that the early seventies are the new sixties and, with demographics in our favour. Many of us are seeing the concept of traditional retirement being dismantled right before our eyes. 

Modern life has us refashioning our last few decades of life. Beyond surface impressions, science has identified particular areas of improvement – albeit some depend on social, economic and behaviour factors. Education has also been a powerful positive influence on again and health. We’ve also enjoyed improved medical care, a drop in smoking and by most accounts better nutrition. 

Today, rather than looking back from our armchairs and reminiscing, we’re starting whole new life chapters with new dreams, possibilities and expectations. Research shows that we’re happier, more free, and less anxiety ridden than those who’ve come before us. We’re looking, feeling and acting differently with the search for the eternal fountain of youth being combined with the quest for the fountain of usefulness. 

As valued consumers, of everything from real-estate, financial services, cars and consumables, and healthcare, we expect to be treated as useful social and economic contributors not frail, grumpy and absent-minded seniors. And, when it comes to providing or receiving care, we’re definitely becoming a significant force to be reckoned with, in many ways.

With our current mindset, it’s more important than ever for to us than it has been to keep our finger on the pulse. We will stay involved in our lifestyle and healthcare decisions, push to the end to live independently and have demand top-notch services that we need for ourselves and our loved ones –delivered promptly, reliably and affordably.

Current wait times, diagnostic delays and disheartening quality of care issues are just not acceptable. We won’t go quietly into the night! 

Caroline Tapp-McDougall
Editor in Chief

Image: Freepik

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