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Missing Nature?

As we spend less and less time outside, we’re losing all kinds of health-boosting benefits. For instance:
• We move more when we are outdoors and take more stops.
• A 30-minute dose of nature can lower your pulse rate and blood pressure.
• Air quality is usually better outdoors and limits exposure to infectious diseases.
• Forest time boosts mood and reduces stress—as does your exposure to nature.
• Natural environments have a positive impact on our fight or flight response and rest and digestives systems (sympathetic and parasympathetic). 

Protein Power Supplements 

Will a scoop work miracles? It’s a big business but research shows that most people’s average protein intake is more than 75% greater than Canada’s recommended amounts. Studies are still being done on older adults, however, early trials have shown a possible reduction in inflation markers in those with weak muscles and a potential lowering of blood pressure. The jury’s still out but this may be something to watch. 

Feeling Burned Out?

A report from Indeed revealed that 52% of employees are feeling burned out and it’s even worse since COVID-19. This can be especially true for caregivers. Ask yourself the following questions say experts from the Mayo Clinic:

1) Are you becoming cynical or critical?

2) Do you drag yourself to work?

3) Do you lack the energy to be productive?

4) Have sleeping habits changed?

5) Are you getting head or stomach aches?

6) Is it hard to concentrate?

If you’ve answered YES to some or all of these questions, it’s time for some “me time.” Experts also recommend that you reach out to a mental health professional who can help you cope.

Passwords vs Passkeys 

If you’re tired of forgetting your multiple online passwords, hear this… Google and others offer a safe alternative — passkeys. All you have to do is verify your identity with a fingerprint or face scan. 

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