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Energy boosters

• Turn on some happy music and just dance
• Buy yourself or someone else some flowers
• Take a meditation or yoga break
• Phone a friend
• Watch or read something funny
• Write in your journal for 5-7 minutes
• Brew up a chai latte, a special coffee or a fruit tea.

Wholesome recipes made with love

Inspired by cozy memories of enjoying meals together with their large close-knit family, bestselling authors and cousins Jillian Harris and Tori Wesszer share an all-new collection of favourite recipes straight from the heart of their bustling kitchens. Featuring over 135 everyday recipes along with some beloved classics that have a modern, healthy-ish, often plant-forward twist, inspired by the smart hacks their moms and granny used to whip up memorable, easy-to-make meals. 

5 Food safety tips 

1) Store raw foods below ready-to-eat options in case packages leak when in the fridge together, remember “bottom shelf is best.”

2) Put new items behind the older ones using “first in/first out” to prevent expired foods from hanging around.

3) Don’t stack wet cutting boards on top of each other, as it promotes mold and bacteria growth.

4) Keep pets out of the kitchen and always wash your hands before preparing food.

5) Dipping and tasting require a new spoon every time to avoid contamination. 

Cold is beneficial

New research from the University of Cologne suggests that a lower body temperature actuates a cellular cleaning mechanism that breaks down protein aggregations responsible for various diseases associated with aging. Smelling a particular smell such as perfume, freshly baked cookies or that of a pet can bring forth a rush of vivid memories connected to a person or event in the past. Scent has also been shown to trigger autobiographic memories in people living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Good stress

Eustress, is a manageable, short-term kind of stress that’s brought on by a non-threatening, healthy challenge. It places the mind and body in an physical, mental and/or emotional tension that actually nurtures our well being and growth. It has the ability to produce feelings of excitement, fuel our passions and keep us confident, motivated and focused. Examples include: games, sport, a new job or relationship, reading a good book or seeing a movie. 

Global research on long-term care 

This National Institute on Ageing report looks at lessons from six jurisdictions that have established public LTC insurance programs: Japan, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, the Netherlands and Washington State.

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