Color & Control:

Thumbs Up/Down

Thumbs down to… Emergency Room wait times. After taking his newborn to an emergency room in late December, Joey Salmingo spent five hours in the waiting room and a further eight hours to have his two and half week-old son admitted to hospital. According to Dr. Raghu Venugopal, an ER doctor at three Toronto hospitals, these wait times are all too common, for adults as well, and shatter all notions of acceptable healthcare.
Source: CBC

Thumbs up to… super-market giant Loblaws for deciding to reinstate its 50% discount pricing on foods that are nearing expiration. The move came in to respond to the public’s outcry from vulnerable citizens who rely on discounts.
Source: National Post

Thumbs down to… Air Canada who seemingly hasn’t learned much about the need to accommodate persons with disabilities and has appealed a decision by the country’s transport regulator. The case in question is  from 2016, when flier Tim Rose was told his power chair wouldn’t fit on a flight to Ohio. The regulator ruled in 2023 that Air Canada must find passengers with a disability either a similar flight or swap in a plane that is capable of carrying mobility devices.
Source: Victoria News

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