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Mayo Clinic On Healthy Aging

By Nathan K. LeBrasseur, PhD

An informative guide that delves into the science behind aging and offers practical tips to help readers enjoy a longer, healthier life. The book emphasizes that while genetics play a role in aging, it is ultimately our lifestyle that determines how we age and covers many topics including personal risk factors, brain and body challenges, healthy diet, physical activity, resiliency, retirement planning, and living a fulfilling life. This book is based on research by the Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic Press


Self-care: What it really is

By Susannah Joy Winters

To help all of us understand what self-care truly means, Susannah Joy Winters talk breaks the myths that self-care is about wine socials and spa parties. Rather she suggests it’s about the undeniable needs that maintain our well-being. Having been a working mom who didn’t practice self-care, she found out first what the impact of not taking care of yourself can do and shares her 4 components of self-care.

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