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My mother is a caregiver for her 90-year-old mom, who is now quite frail and needs lots of help. As I live at home with them I am essentially an onlooker and see her pushing herself to provide care for Gran each day. Last month, I was at the doctor’s and found an old article about the “5 common beliefs that harm caregivers.” Wow. I couldn’t wait to show my mum and help her to finally understand how much she needs help. Thank you—after reading that article and the rest of the magazine, she finally called a nursing agency for a part-time person to come in three days a week.
Cara D., Manitoulin Island, ON

Editor’s message: It’s good to hear from you and that your mom got the message about “getting help” when it’s needed. Caregiver burnout creeps up on us, especially when people are living together and caregiving becomes part of daily life. Try to get your mom some real time to herself (out of the house) if you can. It will do her the world of good.


I’ve been subscribing to Caregiver Solutions for three or four years now and have always found your advice helpful. Our family goes to Barbados every year, and I recently went onto your website and re-read your editor’s book to get some tips. We now have lots to think about and prepare but, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry.
Bryan E., Osoyoos, BC

Editor’s message: We’re glad to hear you are still enjoying quality time with your family and are thinking ahead. A spoiled vacation is never fun, so anything you can do to prevent accidents and make sure everyone stays well and happy is worth it.

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