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As a former companion, your article on the subject of hiring companion care brought back fond memories. The woman I worked for was recovering from a stroke, and loved nothing better than to play Scrabble. Often she made up words, which I’d normally let go, but I’ll never forget the one time I unwittingly misspelled a word – she caught it at once!
Judith C., Halifax, NS

Editor’s note: We’re glad you enjoyed the article. Your employer sounds like quite the character. Here’s to more lively Scrabble games in the future.


We’ve been thinking about possible home improvements for a while, so I really appreciated your last issue’s column on whether to “move or improve.” Our reno plans were beginning to feel too daunting, but well-armed with advice and suggested readings, we now have solid ideas about where to start.
Charles B., Guelph ON

Editor’s note: Remember; grab rails and non-slip floors are important home safe-proofing steps, but there are other hazards to consider too. Good luck with the renovation.


I found your piece on controlling behaviour while waiting on my mother’s medical appointment. I’ve been struggling with the difficulties of aggressive behaviour from a family member in my
care, but your article gave me some much-needed perspective and insight. Thank you!
Lucy S., Vancouver, BC

Editor’s note:  We know caregiving can often times be frustrating. Don’t forget to celebrate those small victories, and try to communicate as much as possible.

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