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Time for a cuppa

Pinkies up: If you’re sipping a cup of tea while reading this, you’re on the right track. Unsweetened tea is rich in antioxidants can prevent chronic diseases, help repair cells, make teeth stronger, lower the risk of certain cancers and type 2 diabetes, and help create healthier skin. Note: Hot tea has been found to be more beneficial than the iced alternative and brewing time matters. Last but not least, your heart will thank you. Tea’s anti-inflammatory properties can keep your blood vessels relaxed and clear, putting less stress on your heart. 

Housing choices

Independent living tops the list with most seniors preferring to live alone. Sometimes that big house is too much to handle, causing safety and maintenance issues. Chatting with mum or dad about moving to a smaller dwelling may be difficult but there are some very good options. Doing research may fall to you as their primary caregiver. Things are changing in many communities so even if home care is in the plan, experts suggest looking at bungalows on one level, condos, retirement apartments, in law suites, mobile homes, co-operatives and retirement communities as viable alternatives.

Look on the bright side

Studies have found that optimism is beneficial for your overall health, even lowering your risk of dying from heart disease! Optimists are also more likely to have lower blood pressure, which reduces the risk of coronary artery disease.
Burning calories. Sure, you only burn 11 calories an hour from chewing a stick of gum, but times that by several hours, and you may be shaving an extra 50 plus calories from your day. Chewing gum can also make you more alert, relieves stress and reduces anxiety levels.
Read to reduce stress.  Getting lost in a book can lower levels of cortisol, and other unhealthy stress hormones, by almost 70 per cent.

Did you know?

Laughing has health benefits beyond making you feel happier. Laughing can actually increase your blood flow by 20 per cent.

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